To recognise the merit of its employees is an important aspect of the relationship employers want to give priority to. The expression of recognition toward a colleague or a team by a physical price is much more valuable through the years than a money bonus.

We offer products of quality caracterized by their originality. All our items have been chosen in order to be personalised.

The house of Renaud gives your a kow-how that shows in many ways : traditionnal engravure (jewels, trays, watches,  pens, etc.) ; sandblasting engravure (crystal vase, glass, wine bottles, etcc.) ; laser printing and engravure (metal, glass or crystal awards, wood, etc.).

Don’t hesitate to pay us a visit to have a look to our items and we will guide you for your projects !

Since 1947, Gravure Renaud is specialized, over the time, in different types of engraving (printing, sandblasting, diamond stylus, and laser). Always at your service, Gravure Renaud provides quality products, personalized services and expertise.

We are proud to offer different products manufactured in Canada, like Hoselton and Kramer.

Recognition, retirement, awards, sports trophies, medallions, glass or crystal prize, gifts, office accessories ... Gravure Renaud is there for you.

Gravure Renaud offers different types of engraving and printing:

- Printing plate on heat transfer: transferring a text, picture, logo, phrase etc. on a plate of gold or silver foil using heat.

- Engraving diamond tip with air pressure: is used to engrave a variety of features in the metal (e.g. pewter), ensuring perfect engraving.

- Laser engraving and computer: burning process combining computer processing and the laser on different media (painted metal, tin, wood, glass, crystal, Plexiglas)

- Engraving Sandblasting on glass: projecting on the glass surface a powerful pressure of air and sand. The appearance becomes a frosty look.

Whether for recognition, a retirement, a special event, a end of project ... Gravure Renaud offers a wide range of products which can be customized.

Want to personalize your items? Gravure Renaud offers a dedicated service to make your unique gifts! Come see us, we will be happy to respond as soon as possible!