Our services

Our services

Gravure Renaud offers different types of engraving and printing:

- Printing plate on heat transfer: transferring a text, picture, logo, phrase etc. on a plate of gold or silver foil using heat.

- Engraving diamond tip with air pressure: is used to engrave a variety of features in the metal (e.g. pewter), ensuring perfect engraving.

- Laser engraving and computer: burning process combining computer processing and the laser on different media (painted metal, tin, wood, glass, crystal, Plexiglas)

- Engraving Sandblasting on glass: projecting on the glass surface a powerful pressure of air and sand. The appearance becomes a frosty look.

Whether for recognition, a retirement, a special event, a end of project ... Gravure Renaud offers a wide range of products which can be customized.

Want to personalize your items? Gravure Renaud offers a dedicated service to make your unique gifts! Come see us, we will be happy to respond as soon as possible!